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Natal Readings 

Dive deep into your psyche with a birth chart reading. I can help you learn more about both yourself and what the stars have predicted in store for you!

Synastry Reading 

Whether wanting to know about a love interest, a long-term partner or simply a friend or family member, I can help you make the most of your relationships by comparing your chart with another's. 

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Solar Return & Transits 

By looking at a combination of Solar Return charts, annual profections and transits, I can help you gain an understanding of how the stars will affect you over the year ahead - or make predictions for any time period of your choosing

Full Moon

Kaitlyn Maura:



About Kait

I've been practicing astrology as a casual hobby for about ten years and never thought I'd be making any kind of profession out of it, but it seems to be where destiny's leading me. I like to keep my astrology rooted in the methods of traditional astrology,  while using a more modern and evolutionary approach to communicating with clients. I use traditional rulers, prefer whole sign houses and like to base my interpretations on a combination of both astronomy & mythology. Aside from doing personal readings, I write a blog and also run a Facebook group, Nevermind the BS, Here's the Astrology. Outside of astrology, my hobbies including painting (and other forms of art), reading, writing and playing with my band, The Velvet Swans.  


"I immediately felt at ease with Kaitlyn and sensed that she did not judge me. Her report on my daughter was written with compassion and deep wisdom. I felt emotionally safe with Kaitlyn knowing that she 'understood' me and my daughter. She gave me depth and perspective on how to proceed forward on truly loving my daughter in the way she deserves. Her astrology reading was so incredibly insightful and intuitive, and she helped navigate all aspects of my daughter’s life. I highly recommend her!"

Sugandha  S.H

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