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“II immediately felt at ease with Kaitlyn and sensed that she did not judge me. Her report on my daughter was written with compassion and deep wisdom. I felt emotionally safe with Kaitlyn knowing that she “understood” me and my daughter. She gave me depth and perspective on how to proceed forward on truly loving my daughter in the way she deserves. Her astrology reading was so incredibly insightful and intuitive, and she helped navigate all aspects of my daughter’s life. I highly recommend her!”

Sugundha J.H

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"I had reached out to Kaitlyn for a reading and what I received was a service that was beyond my bargain! Kaitlyn is very thorough in her process. She explains first the fundamentals of her process so that the reading flows smoothly. She divides things into even portions of information and even specializes in specific request. I've utilized her multiple times and each time she has impressed me greatly, I'm happy to say she is my personal astrologer! When receiving a reading from her, I notice as I read her words there is a deep connection to something in me, and that her natural ability for insight shines right to the core of my questions. She is diligent in a follow up
conversation/questions about the reading, making sure you have a grasp on the details.
As a fellow astrologer, I couldn't be happier with trusting Kaitlyn to read my personal chart or my many requested readings. She can see me the way I am unable to see myself."

Perry H.

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