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The Decans of Gemini

Each sign of the zodiac is separated into three equal parts of ten degrees known as decans, each with their own individual character and sub-planetary ruler. As requested, I am writing a series of articles giving a deeper interpretation of what each decan means. In my third article (originally posted on Vocal), I write about the decans of Gemini, sign of the Twins.

What are Decans?

I've been seeing a lot of posts circulating around astrology groups recently, claiming that, or asking if, the different months have an effect on your star sign. Is there any credence to the idea that for example, an April Taurus will behave differently than a May Taurus?

My answer is no. The months themselves have no effect on your star sign. However, decans do, and this applies to all planets, not just the Sun.

What are decans? Each sign is subdivided into three equal parts consisting of ten degrees, called decans. Each decan has their own individual character influenced by a secondary planetary ruler, helping astrologers to provide a fuller interpretation of each sign. For a fuller interpretation of the history of the decans and it's usage, click here.

Today, two main systems of rulership for the decans are used. There is the ancient system based on the Chaldean order of the planets, and the rulership by triplicity, more often used in modern times. For the sake of a deeper understanding, I am going to use both.

In my last article, I wrote about the decans of Taurus, sign of the Bull. I also wrote about the decans of Aries, sign of the Ram. In this article, I am going to write about the decans of Gemini.

It's important to remember that all Gemini have the same basic soul mission. The decans don't change that. A 1st decan Gemini and 3rd decan Gemini will still probably be more alike than different. However, the decans provide more specific information about how that soul mission gets expressed.

What is Gemini?

Gemini, commonly seen as the 'third' sign of the zodiac, is represented by the twins. It is a mutable air sign ruled by the planet Mercury. In contrast, Jupiter is in its detriment here. The Sun's entrance into the sign of Gemini marks the end of Spring and the transition into summer, when the weather gets increasingly warmer and the kids finish up the school year. allowing for more time spent outside in the open air engaging in social activities. The themes of this sign are highlighted by the myth of Castor & Pollux, who the constellation are said to represent.

As a double-bodied or mutable air sign, represented by the twins, Gemini is the most changeable sign of the zodiac, often going wherever the wind takes them. They are the chameleons and multi-taskers of the zodiac, with a love for variety and movement, which at times can make them confused, scattered & indecisive or lead to a fear of missing out. Often said to be the jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, Gemini wears many faces, but this doesn't necessarily make them fake. They are simply adaptable people, with many different personalities and interests, all of them equally real for them at the time.

Ruled by Mercury, or Hermes, the messenger of the gods, the sign of Gemini is essentially about communication or the flow and exchange of information. While the symbolism of 'the twins' is often interpreted as being 'split' in nature, it can also be interpreted as a link. While the previous signs of the zodiac, Aries & Taurus, are primarily rooted in the self, Gemini brings the awareness of other people into being. It is the last of the first quadrant signs, still focused on the self, but more, in the form of what other people can teach them. Gemini is where the self starts to venture out in search of connection with others. Endlessly curious about our environment and the people who inhabit it, Gemini is where we start asking questions, looking for answers and information to explain the immediate world around us. Once knowledge is gained, it is then shared, providing others with a useful set of facts and ideas that can be used to navigate the world around them. Gemini represents the archetype of the gossip who can talk your ear off but also the journalist or reporter. Those born under the sign are often stereotyped as social butterflies, who fly from one group to the next, without a set place to call home. However, they are also known as the intellectuals of the zodiac - it is after all the sign most associate with reading and writing - their brains buzzing with a million different ideas and observations begging to be voiced.

Gemini Decan 1: Jupiter & Mercury

The first decan of Gemini (0 to 10 degrees of the sign) is ruled by Jupiter, according to the Chaldean system & Mercury by triplicity. The Sun crosses this decan roughly between May 20th & May 31st.

Ruled by Jupiter, those born under the first decan of Gemini will often have larger than life personalities, while the Mercury influence makes them adaptable enough to get along with people from all walks of life. Friendly, talkative and sociable, these natives are often the life of the party, born with a keen sense of humor and optimism that's likely to keep just about anyone entertained. They themselves, however, may be easily bored, always searching for something just beyond their reach.

Both Jupiter & Mercury are planets concerned with knowledge, and these folks may be walking encyclopedias. Got a question? From the latest celebrity gossip to obscure historical facts, these people seem ready to answer it all. But their love of trivia seems to hide a more spiritual and even religious side. In fact, these natives may seem to toe the line between good and evil, a reflection of Gemini's duality. While Mercury is associated with tricksters, liars and thieves, Jupiter is the wise philosopher and scholar, a beacon of faith and hope. This gives them a strong moral code and vision for a better and more just world. Under the influence of Jupiter, these people are always looking for the one overarching truth, even if they wind up going through many different (and perhaps contradictory) intellectual phases before they find it.

Some notable fixed stars located in this decan include Alcyone, Prima Hyadrum and Aldebaran. Alcyone (located at 00'00 degrees of the sign) is the largest star in the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, a star cluster situated in the shoulders of the Bull. According to Greek mythology, Alcyone was one of the seven daughters of Atlas, who was seduced by Poseidon. Astrologically, this star is said to be of the nature of Moon & Mars and associated with luxury, lust, love, blindness & ailments of the throat or neck, but can indicate honor if well-aspected. Prima Hyadum (located at 5'48 degrees) on the other hand, is the chief star in the Hyades cluster, located on the face of Taurus. Mythologically, the Hyades were "the weeping sisters," also daughters of Atlas and half-sisters to the Pleiades. Of the nature of Mercury & Saturn, it is associated with rain or stormy weather, sorrow or sadness, and sudden and/or violent events, but it can also indicate a clear thinker, writer or speaker, with strong intellectual ability. Meanwhile, Aldebaran (located at 9'47 degrees) is of the nature of Mars and associated with the Archangel Michael, military commander of the Heavenly Host. Also located in the constellation of Taurus, it gives it's native extraordinary energy and ability to succeed. It can indicate a riotous, revolutionary and restless personality. However, it can also indicate courage, popularity, intelligence, perseverance and integrity or strength of character.

Gemini Decan 2: Mars & Venus

The second decan of Gemini (10 to 20 degrees of the sign) is ruled by Mars according to the Chaldean system & Venus by triplicity. The Sun crosses this decan roughly between May 31st & June 11th.

The duality of the masculine and feminine is strong in these natives. Ruled by both Mars & Venus, the men may have a strong feminine side and the woman may have a strong masculine side, or the hermaphroditic qualities of Mercury will be most strong. The combination of the two sexual planets help to bring out Gemini's more romantic or passionate side as well. In Tarot, Gemini is said to correspond with the Lovers card and I have read that prior to Roman times, the sign was often depicted as a young couple, symbolizing the unity of Yin & Yang.

If the sign of Gemini is about communication, the second decan are the most emotive communicators. The Mars influence can make these natives sharp-tongued. Irritable and on-edge, they know exactly what to say to hit you whether it hurts. But on the flip side, the Venus influence gives them the ability to say all the right things. These people know exactly what to say to charm the shit out of you. They're often people-pleasers but also pranksters. They can be some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet but also some of the meanest, and they may very well swing back & forth between the two. They're social chameleons, easily able to read the room and match their energy to fit those they're with, but it can be hard to discern who they really are much of the time, or what it is they really mean.

These people are often very active. That's the Mars-influence. They're always on-the-go, often working on multiple projects at once, although they may not always be so great at finishing them. With Venus involved, this restless multi-tasking often takes on a social angle, as well as an artistic one. Always out-and-about, mixing and mingling with people of all types, they may be the type to try and be everything to everyone, extroverts who over-book themselves socially and can't stand being alone. They can be the life of the party and simultaneously be able to get a lot done, but they often suffer burnout as a result of doing too much.

Notable fixed stars located in this decan include Cursa and Rigel. Cursa (located at 15'17 degrees of the sign) is located in the constellation of Eridanus or the River, which is of the nature of Saturn and said to indicate a love of knowledge & science, travel, many changes, a high position of authority and a love of water, but accidents at sea if afflicted. Rigel (located at 16'50 degrees) is a blue triple star system located on the left foot of Orion, the Hunter. It is of the nature of Jupiter & Saturn and indicates glory, happiness, riches, honor and inventive or mechanical ability as well as self-reliance.

Gemini Decan 3: Sun & Saturn (or Uranus)

The third decan of Gemini (20 to 30 degrees of the sign) is ruled by the Sun according to the Chaldean system & Saturn by triplicity or Uranus in modern astrology. The Sun crosses this decan roughly between June 11th & June 20th.

Ruled by the Sun, those born under the third decan of Gemini will often appear to be joyful and child-like. But the Saturn influence indicates their sunny disposition often covers up a more somber and serious side. Often, they may swing back and forth between periods of extreme happiness and extreme depression. In general, however, the Saturn influence isn't all bad and in many ways, it is actually a very good influence. It means they embody some of the more serious characteristics of Gemini. Instead of being scattered in too many different directions, unable to commit, as stereotyped, the Saturn influence allows these natives to become more serious academics and intellectuals.

The Sun is the King of our Solar System and Saturn is the planet of law and order. The combination of the Sun & Saturn, therefore makes them excellent leaders & politicians, or it makes them develop an interest in politics, nevertheless. Many of them are activists in their own way, aiming to transform existing social structures. The modern influence of Uranus shows that many born under this decan will have a rebellious side, but this side is usually directed in service of the human good.

However, their unabashed confidence can lead them to developing a love / hate following. The modern influence of Uranus gives them an eccentricity that combined with the oppositional forces of the Sun & Saturn can be quite polarizing. While many are attracted to their charm and charisma, others are repelled by their loud and opinionated nature. These folks have a strong internal need to express themselves and the truth of what they think, regardless of whether people like it or not.

Fixed stars located in this decan include Bellatrix, Capella, Polaris and Betelgeuse. Bellatrix (located at 20'57 degrees of the sign) represents the Amazon Woman, or Female Warrior, a pale yellow star located on the left shoulder of Orion. This can indicate a fighting and courageous spirit, and those born under this star often find great success, especially in military but not without jealousy and hatred on part of others. The women born under this star are especially loquacious and "shrewish," with "mighty tongues" and sharp or high-pitched voices. Capella (located at 21'41 degrees) is the female goat found in the constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer. Like Bellatrix, it is of the nature of Mercury and Mars and can indicate a rash, headstrong personality or "odd," character, but Capella also shows a love of learning, studiousness, inquisitiveness and success in research. Polaris, on the other hand, (located at 28'34 degrees) is at the tip of Ursa Minor (or the Little Bear) constellation. Of the nature of Saturn & Venus, this star serves as a guide for the native, giving them sharp instincts and a good sense of direction. However, it can also indicate indifference, trouble and sorrow. Meanwhile, Betelgeuse (located at 28'45 degrees) in the Orion constellation indicates martial others and other kingly attributes as well as occult knowledge.

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