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What Astrology Says About Biden Vs. Trump

Originally posted on Vocal in 2020

You may be familiar with my Astrology of the 2020 Elections Series, where I analyzed the charts of each candidate. In that series, however, I neglected to come to a firm conclusion about who our winner will be. Over the past month or two, after both discussing it with other astrologers and re-reading my old articles, I've slowly come to the conclusion that Biden is the more likely winner, despite objections from many others in the astrological community.

The main argument astrologers utilize as proof of Donald Trump's destined victory is his Nodal Return. The president was born on an eclipse, placing his North Node conjunct his Sun in Gemini & his South Node conjunct his Sagittarius Moon. This has been used, along with his Leo Ascendant conjunct Regulus, to argue his natural born leadership. While it may very well be true that he's been destined for presidency, that doesn't necessarily mean that he's destined to lead forever (or for two terms). It's been said that a Nodal Return pushes one towards their destiny or life's purpose, but it also indicates a turning point or change in circumstances. Since Trump is already president, this "turning point," may very well be retirement. The Nodes are not always benefic either. For example, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was hospitalized for Covid-19 during his. In fact, in Vedic astrology, the Nodes are regarded as malefic. Even in modern western astrology, they are regarded as "karmic," so if you haven't been living in accordance with what God wants for you, a Nodal Return may very well be more bad than good. Furthermore, one transit alone is not enough to "destine," one towards anything, unless maybe activated by a timelord. The argument becomes especially moot when we consider that Kamala Harris is undergoing her Nodal Return, as well, AND its conjunct her Ascendant::they can't both be president.

Since a lot of people are convinced of Trump's win (even now with Biden in the lead), I decided to look back to his stars from 2016 and see for myself if there are any similarities to back this up.

Donald Trump: 2016 Vs. 2020

Donald Trump's Solar Return for 2016 gave him a Leo Ascendant, just like in his natal, which may be argued as a fulfillment of the natal promise. The Leo Ascendant is confident and proud, a good sign for a leader. The Sun is the Ascendant ruler and placed in the 11th house, a benefic house traditionally known as the House of Good Spirit. The 11th house rules over friends, but also fans, supporters or benefactors, which Trump had a lot of. Additionally, it rules over hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions, as well as political ideals. It was also, I believe, his 11th house profection year, placing an extra emphasis on these themes. The Sun is closely conjunct Venus, which is a positive sign all around, but even more positive when we consider that Venus rules the whole sign 10th house, the house of career or public image. Furthermore, the Sun is sextile the Midheaven or MC in Aries, another major indicator of success. Because the Midheaven is conjunct Uranus, this success was deemed "unlikely," by the media and his win was unexpected by many.

But this year? His Solar Return Ascendant is placed in the moody and emotional sign of Cancer, placing his Sun in the 12th house, the house of self-undoing, along with that Nodal Return that everyone keeps raving about. Traditionally known as the House of Bad Spirit, the 12th house is associated with isolation and exile, hospitalization and illness, as well as hidden enemies and even curses. While the 12th house, at least in modern astrology, has more positive and spiritual connotations as well (which as a 12th house Moon I do believe are mostly accurate), in my experience, the Sun here doesn't usually bode well in a Solar Return chart. The 12th house ruler, Mercury, is in the 1st house (the house of self, character & the body) which echoes these themes (isolation, illness, self-undoing, fall from grace). The 12th house emphasis is repeated a third timewhen we consider that the Cancer Ascendant falls into his natal 12th house. Furthermore, the Sun in the Solar Return is square the Moon, which is also the Ascendant ruler, in the 9th house, which indicates a year rife with conflict. With the Moon representing "the people," in mundane astrology (the charts of countries and whatnot) it might be argued that this square represents a falling out of favor with public opinion.

His transits more or less echo these same themes. The Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is afflicting his 6th house of health, another indicator of illness and disease, while transiting Neptune square his natal Sun is an indicator of a weakened immune system... as well as delusions of grandeur. Speaking of which, while the Solar Return Moon square Sun might represent a falling out of favor with public opinion, the Solar Return Moon conjunct Neptune indicates that he still has a die hard fan base who will idealize him and support his visions no matter what. With the Moon and Neptune conjunct the Solar Return Mars, this tendency to view the presidents actions through rose colored glasses and overlook anything negative may very well rile these supporters up and get them enraged, but riots and protests won't make him win.

I predicted that Trump would get sick, and while I didn't say with what, I had a feeling based more on common sense than astrology, that it would be Covid-19. Sure, enough this turned out to be the case and the timing of it is interesting. As you can see right here in his Solar Return chart, Chiron (a symbol of wounds and illnesses) is exactly conjunct the MC, and interestingly, the 2020 Full Moon in Aries was conjunct this point when the media first reported his diagnosis of coronavirus. Furthermore, it is a 3rd house profection year for him, making transits through the sign of his natal 3rd house (which is Libra) very important. In the Solar Return, the IC is at 9 degrees Libra and the Sun was transiting this degree when his illness was first reported. The IC is a very vulnerable point, associated more with private life than public, but traditionally representative of endings and even the end of life!

To conclude this section of my article, even if those who are predicting Trump's victory are somehow right and he does in fact win, I doubt he will be healthy and well enough to finish a second term.

Now for Joe Biden...

While Joe Biden has never been president, I thought I'd check out his Solar Return for the year he came the closest. I should note that Joe Biden also ran for president in 2008, and his campaign drastically failed, leading to his drop out in January. Seven months later, however, he was chosen to be Barack Obama's running mate, leading to his Vice Presidency.

Joe Biden's Ascendant was in the sign of Sagittarius, just as it is in his natal chart, and conjunct Mars. This would have lead him to be aggressive in character and filter-less in his speech, which he was. He was very unpopular due to some of his controversial off-the-cuff remarks, receiving less than 1% of the vote in the Iowa caucus. His Sun and Mercury were in the 12th house, the place of self-undoing, and square the Moon in the 9th- the same placements that Trump has for this year - which predictably lead to a loss. However, Saturn conjunct the Midheaven and sextile the Sun helped to increase his respectability, putting him in office, although second in command. He was in a 7th house profection year which puts a focus on partnership, including business partnerships, like his relationship with Barack Obama.

Joe Biden's 2020 Solar Return isn't perfect either, but it's better than Donald Trump's. The Ascendant is in Scorpio, with Sun in the 1st house and Mercury conjunct the Ascendant. This puts the focus on himself, and thrusts him into the public eye. The Sun in the 1st house indicates a year of embodying solar qualities such as confidence or leadership; it also indicates that he'll be getting a lot of attention, especially since the Sun here rules the 10th house of career and public image. It's a year of personal ambition and success. Mercury conjunct the Ascendant makes him very communicative, as well, and in Scorpio, his words carry a lot of power.

The negativity comes from the fact that his Ascendant ruler, Mars, is located in the 6th house, a house associated with illness and disease, and strongly placed in its domicile sign of Aries. With Mercury on the Ascendant, this could be cognitive decline as opposed to physical health. Interesting, it is also his 6th house profection year, and Venus rules his 6th house natally. With his Solar Return Venus in the 12th house, these health problems could sneak up on him. This illness may be mysterious or unaware of it, at first, it could sneak up on him suddenly. Since Venus rules the 7th house in his Solar Return chart, and as I mentioned when discussing the chart of Trump, the 12th house is associated with hidden enemies, it could be that his partner - perhaps his business partner, Kamala Harris - does not actually have his best interests at heart. Or perhaps, Kamala does have his best interests at heart but is working behind the scenes, if Biden's too sick.

The Moon conjunct Jupiter and sextile the Sun is a very good sign. If the Moon represents the people then the public opinion of Joe Biden is generally very favorable. He may be in a good mood or experience a lot of good luck. This conjunction takes place in the 3rd house of course and the 3rd house rules the media so the media may play strong role in his success should he win and communications should be a major theme, with his interactions with others positively affecting his influence.

While Joe Biden's Solar Return isn't perfect either, aside from the MC/10th house ruler being the Sun in the 1st, which I think is a good sign of success, his January Lunar Return coincides with Inauguration Day, which I feel is an auspicious sign. While it may not in itself guarantee presidency, it does indicate that this date will be emotionally significant in some way, which is likely if he wins.

The Ascendant is located in the emotional sign of Cancer, making the chart Moon-ruled. The Moon is located in the benefic 11th house, which as I mentioned before is traditionally known as the House of Good Spirit, a place associated with friends, fans, supporters, allies & benefactors, as well as hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions, and political ideals. This, to me, is a good sign that he will receive his dream of being inaugurated into the white house. Of course, we can't lie: the Sun is square the Moon indicating challenges, perhaps with money (?) (Sun rules 2nd) and not only that but in the malefic 8th house along with Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury. The 8th house is known as the house of death and Mars conjunct Uranus, especially when so close to the Moon, is an indicator of revolution, so it is possible. But especially when judging from a Lunar Return chart alone, actual death is very unlikely and an 8th house focus is much more likely to represent a metaphorical death or loss of some kind. If a revolution does happen, it could be he loses his spot as leader of the U.S.A. BUT it's even more likely to simply represent fears and anxieties. It's more likely that presidency just wears him out and he feels stressed with the challenges that come with it. The 8th house is also associated with taxes, so this could have something to do with raising taxes or other economic deals that people in his position have to make.


So all-in-all, while his stars aren't perfect either, I think Joe Biden is more likely to win the election. This doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a successful president or even be president for very long. If a revolution does not happen, I think Kamala Harris will wind up stepping in at some point due to Biden's health issues, old age and/or cognitive decline. But he is still more likely to win than Donald Trump is and will probably be president for a while, at least, even if Kamala's working behind the scenes.

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