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Geek Love: Virgo & Aquarius Synastry Compatibility

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I started this synastry compatibility series with an article on Aries & Taurus, followed by an article on Aries & Gemini, thinking that I was going to write each article in zodiacal order. But then I thought, wouldn't it be more fun if I mixed it up? Why should Aries get everything first? So, I asked my readers which signs they wanted to read about and Virgo & Aquarius were one of my first requests. So here, it is!

But before you continue reading, remember that:

1. This article isn't about "whether or not" Virgo & Aquarius are compatible but about how they'll interact, for better or worse.

2. This article isn't just about Sun Signs but all Virgo/Aquarius placements.

3. To accurately assess compatibility, you really need to look at the full chart, in which case you can book a reading with me here.

4. This article applies to all types of relationships, both romantic & platonic.

Oh, and another disclaimer: no, Virgo and Aquarius aren't actually "geeks," and that's one of the weirdest stereotypes I've ever heard. Virgo's perfectionism often extends to beauty & popularity rather than schoolwork. In fact, I was bullied by a Virgo in middle school (LOL) for not wearing Hollister. Aquarius are often social butterflies, as well. I simply thought "Geek Love," was a cute and catchy title for two signs whose stereotypical braininess is their biggest similarity.

Compatibility Between Virgo & Aquarius Placements

Virgo and Aquarius are "inconjunct," which means they are 150 degrees apart from each other on the zodiacal wheel. Traditionally, this was not seen as an aspect at all because it means they have nothing in common, as they share neither element, modality or even polarity, nor do they share a ruling planet. While Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn (or while I don't subscribe to this, Uranus in modern astrology). But does this mean they can't get along? Not at all!

They are very different, don't get me wrong, and these differences can sometimes lead to conflict. Aquarius is most at home in the realm of ideas, for example. They think outside the box, clinging to their ideals and principles with the utmost stubbornness. Virgo, on the other hand, is less concerned with possibilities than they are with practicalities. Nitpicky, critical and rooted in reality, they can easily poke holes in Aquarius' (often unrealistic) tangents & theories. Since Aquarius are often married to their ideas, this can feel like a blow to the ego at times. Furthermore, the eccentric and free-spirited water-bearer might find these "virgins" a little bit too by-the-book and rule-bound, which they'll find boring if not out-right constraining. This potential disdain goes both ways, however. The punctual & hard-working Virgo could easily become frustrated by Aquarius' airheaded messiness and careless laissez-faire attitude. While Virgo puts effort into helping others and making time for the people they care about, Aquarius is often much too stuck in their own head to give anyone else the time of day, and if Virgo's efforts are going unnoticed or underappreciated, let alone not being reciprocated, they will quickly become resentful.

On the other hand, with patience and understanding of each other's differences, these two can make a great team. For instance, the detail-orientated Virgo can help turn the otherwise aloof Aquarius' visions into a reality, and the creative Aquarius can help come up with new solutions to the flaws that perfectionistic Virgo can't help but just notice. But also, upon further reflection, these two actually do share some surprising similarities.

The biggest complaint people usually make about Aquarius is that they're "cold," or "detached." People make similar complaints about Virgo. Neither sign is particularly emotional, a trait that sometimes even their most stereotypically compatible signs have trouble understanding. Both signs are brainy, logical, analytical and observant, just in different ways. In fact, while Mercury - planet of communication and the rational mind - is both ruled by and exalted in Virgo, some modern astrologers have tried to suggest that Mercury is actually exalted in Aquarius! This goes to show that there are some similarities. After all, they are both humane signs, constellations represented by people rather than animals. Aquarius carries the waters of purification & enlightenment, which cleanse out the old ways, leading to a rebirth of sorts. Virgo, the stereotypical perfectionist, is associated with the goddess Astraea who presided on Earth during the Golden Age. Essentially, both signs are concerned with making things better, and especially preoccupied with making the world a better place. Individuals born under both Virgo and Aquarius are often helpers and activists. However, in contrast to the more empathic Pisces, for instance, their help comes from a more or less strictly logical place. Furthermore, the mutability of Virgo, in addition to it's mercurial qualities, make it much more flexible than the other earth signs who are usually more rigid. In contrast, the fixed nature of Aquarius, along with it's saturnian qualities, make it more stubborn compared to the other air signs who are more changeable. This makes these two "inconjunct," signs surprisingly similar in some ways - even if they are very different in others.

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