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The Beauty of Love: Taurus & Libra Synastry Compatibility

What happens when these two Venus-ruled signs come together?

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This is my 9th article in a series about astrological compatibility, the rest which you can read here. It is my 2nd about Libra and my 2nd about Taurus. I started this series because relationships are one of my favorite topics: why is it that we gravitate so strongly to some personalities and clash so hard with others? However, before you read, there are a few things I ask you to keep in mind:

1. This article is less about "whether or not" Libra and Taurus are compatible but more about how they interact. 2. When I speak about the signs, I am referring to the archetypes; this article applies just as much to the Moon, Ascendant etc. as it does to the Sun. 3. To accurately assess the "astrological compatibility" between 2 individuals, you need to look at the whole chart; for example, by scheduling a synastry reading with me. 4. "Compatibility" is about more than romance; this article also applies to friendships, family dynamics etc.

Compatibility Between Taurus & Libra Placements

Libra and Taurus are "inconjunct" which means that they are 150 degrees apart from each other on the zodiacal wheel. Traditionally, this was not even seen as an aspect at all because it means they have nothing in common, as they share neither element, modality or even polarity. However, unlike most inconjunct signs, the relationship between Libra and Taurus is a little bit different because they do share a ruling planet. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Libra is a cardinal air sign, but both signs are ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus represents Venus in it's "Yin" or "feminine" form while Libra represents Venus in its "Yang" or "masculine" form.

For an inconjunct pairing, Taurus and Libra are surprisingly similar, as their shared relationship to Venus helps to smooth over any differences. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, which makes both Libra and Taurus two very romantic signs. Both signs loved to be loved, which can lead to a very fulfilling sex life. They appreciate beauty, as well; Libra and Taurus are both very artistic and often have a good fashion sense. Their shared connection to Venus also gives the signs a love of "nice" things and they're nice people, as well! Known for their kindness to others, both signs hate conflict. They prefer peace and comfort, and they always try to create harmony in their surroundings. However, there's a downside to this similarity. Conflict could get swept under the rug in their need to please each other. Both signs can have a nasty habit of staying too long in situations that they have since outgrown. Thankfully, Libra is a communicator and Taurus feels more secure in an honest relationship. If these two signs really want to avoid conflict, they are going to have to lean in on these traits and be as honest as they can in addressing it. Otherwise, they may wind up inadvertently creating conflict by holding on to resentments.

Venus aside, however, at the end of the day, Taurus and Libra are inconjunct, which means that they are very different. The sign of the scales is characterized by its desire for fairness and balance. As air signs, they're most at home in the realm of ideas and they are motivated by high-minded ideals that create peace and harmony within a group context. As earth signs, the "peace" and "comfort" sought out by the bull is more physical and sensuous in nature. In other words, Taurus is more driven by its own personal sense of security. These differences can often lead to conflict and misunderstanding. Despite the connection to Venus, the two signs have diametrically opposing qualities. For example, Taurus is known for its stubbornness, while Libra is known for its ability to see all sides and put themselves in other people's shoes. The fixed earth signs are reliable and like to surround themselves with people they trust. This may cause them to feel uneasy around Libra, who are known for being flaky and indecisive. On the other hand, these cardinal air signs seek to reconcile opposites and love to surround themselves with intellectuals who can help them see things from another angle. This can cause them to grow easily frustrated by Taurus' hardheaded and single-minded view of the world.

Nevertheless, some Taurus-Libra couples feel that their differences help them to balance each other out. Taurus brings the stability and decisiveness that Libra lacks, while Libra helps to bring Taurus out of their shell and see things from a different point of view. While Libra is diplomatic and intellectually empathic, Taurus is tenacious and loyal. This means that so long as these two signs really love each other, they will do anything to make it work.

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