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Opposites Attract: Cancer & Capricorn Synastry Compatibility


This is my fifth article in a much larger series on astrological compatibility between the signs. Multiple people suggested I write about Cancer & Capricorn, and I am happy too, but before you read on, I want you to keep in mind that:

1. I don't believe you should ever choose to date or break up with someone based on their sign alone. This article is less about whether or not Cancer & Capricorn are compatible and more about how the two signs interact, both the ups and the downs.

2. This article isn't strictly about Sun Sign but can apply to Moon, Ascendant, and Venus signs as well as any other placement that you want to read up on.

3. Of course, to accurately assess romantic compatibility, you need to look at the full chart and not just one placement, in which case you can book a reading with me here.

4. Many of the themes discussed in this article apply to friends, family, and other types of relationships, as well, not just romantic, although that may at some points seem to be the focus.

Compatibility Between Cancer & Capricorn Placements

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs, which means they are 180 degrees apart from each other on the zodiacal wheel. While they don't share an element, they do share both modality and polarity. Opposite signs are interesting to study in synastry because while they can cause conflict at times, they are more often than not a strong indicator of attraction. Some astrologers even believe that opposite signs represent two signs of the same coin, referring to them as "sister signs" instead. Their similarities connect them to each other while their differences balance each other out, as each possesses traits that the other sign lacks.

In this case, Cancer and Capricorn are both "feminine," or Yin signs. They also both belong to the cardinal modality. However, Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon and Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. As cardinal signs, both Cancer and Capricorn like to be in control but they lead in much different ways. Capricorn tends to be more strict and stern, while Cancer tends to be more nurturing, or even mothering. Perhaps, this can cause them to butt heads at times. While Capricorn may see Cancer as too soft at times, Cancer may see Capricorn as too hard. However, both signs tend to be protective and in relationships, ultimately, they tend to be very protective of each other. This is a quality that they both appreciate and helps them to see eye to eye. Both signs are safety-driven. While the Moon (and by extension, Cancer) is associated with the mother, Saturn (and by extension, Capricorn) is associated with the father. With this in mind, it's worth saying that both signs can be very traditional and focused on the family, whether biological or chosen. Essentially, even while different, these two signs use these different traits to meet the same goal.

All in all, Cancer and Capricorn are a couple that will stay loyal to each other. They are also an introverted couple who are likely to keep to themselves. They are more likely to cuddle up with each other at home than go out and mingle with the outside world. Cancer will care for Capricorn and help them to get in touch with their more emotional, or even their more spiritual side. As a critical commenter pointed out on one of my other articles, Capricorn is associated with the Hermit in tarot, a card associated with meditation, introspection and soul-searching. Capricorn will feel comfortable being vulnerable with Cancer and Cancer will feel likewise. Capricorn will protect and provide for Cancer, making Cancer feel safe. Both signs are rather defensive and known for putting up boundaries, but with each other, they don't have to feel that way. This is a very strong match.

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