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Love is in the Air: Libra & Aquarius Synastry Compatibility


This is my seventh article in a series of articles about synastry compatibility, my first about Libra and my second about Aquarius (the first one was about Aquarius' compatibility with Virgo, which you can read here). I chose to do this series because relationships, in general, are one of my favorite topics: why is it that we gravitate so strongly to certain personalities and clash so harshly with others? Astrological compatibility is a tricky thing to measure, however, and because of that, I'm going to ask you a few to keep a few things in mind before reading this article:

1. This article is less about "whether or not" Aquarius and Libra are compatible and more about how they interact. Compatibility involves many factors apart from astrology and I would never suggest choosing whether or not to date or association with someone based on their zodiac sign alone.

2. When I discuss "signs" I am speaking about the archetype as a whole. This article can be applied to Aquarius and Libra Sun, but it can also be applied to Aquarius and Libra Moon, Ascendant, or any other planet. It could even be applied to an Aquarius Sun in a relationship with a Libra Moon, although with that, you also have to keep in mind that the Sun and Moon represent different things.

3. To accurately assess the astrological compatibility of two individuals, you need to look at the whole chart, not just one placement. If interested, you can schedule a synastry reading with me by clicking here.

4. "Compatibility" does not refer exclusively to romance. Because romance seems to be the topic that most readers are interested in, this article may seem to be predominately focused on it at times, but this article can be read for any other type of relationship, as well, as many of these same themes can be applied to friendships, family dynamics, business partnerships, etc.

Compatibility Between Aquarius & Libra Placements

Libra and Aquarius are trine, which means that they are 120 degrees apart from one another on the zodiacal wheel. While they do not share a modality, they do share an element. Generally speaking, this means that they "get" each other. Being made up of the same sort of elemental energy means that they are similar in ways that are complimentary. In this case, Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, which means they are social, intellectual and free-spirited, seemingly going wherever the wind takes them. While Libra, as the cardinal sign, initiates things (and in the case of air, this would be initiating ideas and ideals), Aquarius, as the fixed sign, actually carries them through (putting the ideas and ideals into action).

Libra and Aquarius are especially similar because they both share a connection with the planet Saturn, "god of time." While Aquarius is actually ruled by Saturn, Libra is ruled by Venus, "goddess of love" but exalted by Saturn, meaning that the planet of maturity and responsibility performs well in both signs. The connection with Saturn gives both Aquarius and Libra a keen interest in politics and social justice. Both signs place a strong value things like fairness, freedom, liberty and equality. They share a deep concern for human rights, and perhaps, connect best when discussing - or working on - these matters together. Similarly, while the Sun is detriment in Aquarius, it is fallen in Libra: this does not make either sign "weak" or "evil," but rather, it means that the ego (represented by the Sun) is not very strong in either these signs. This often translates into a broader concern with others rather than themselves. People are often confused as to why Venus should rule over a "detached" air sign (and Saturn does indicate detachment! or at least discipline) but Libra and Aquarius understand that a certain degree of detachment is actually crucial to making a relationship work. The ability to take a step back from their own selfish feelings can make it easier for them to see another person's point of view, and to have productive, even difficult, conversations that don't wind up in tears or with the two of them ripping each other's heads off.

Of course, these signs aren't identical. Libra, ruled by Venus, is often characterized as a "people-pleaser" who is "afraid of rocking the boat," while Aquarius, ruled by Uranus in modern astrology, is described as a "rebel" who deliberately rocks the boat, so some people have asked the question: "how can they be compatible?" To be honest, while some Libras may indeed say sorry a lot, I find the "people pleasing" stereotype associated with Libra to be terribly over-exaggerated. In reality, Libras are more often just as contrarian as Aquarians are, prone to argument and debate, just usually in more of an effort to "be fair". However, the influence Venus does give Libra a love for romance and a preference for one-on-one communication. While Aquarius is a fixed sign and therefore not the commitment-phobes they are often stereotyped to be, they can definitely be aloof and independent, preferring friendship to romance. So, problems could arise if one person (Libra) seems to care more about the relationship than the other (Aquarius). Similarly, Aquarius can be stubborn while Libra can be indecisive, which on one hand, means they can balance each other out, but it can also lead them to getting on each other's nerves. That said, as air signs, both of Libra and Aquarius prefer to have a variety interests outside the relationship, anyway and a respect for the autonomy of others. So long as there's good communication, a concern for each other's space and a balance of power, any problem that arises between them should be very easy to solve and it's this that makes Libra and Aquarius two of the most quintessentially "compatible" signs. It is only if they have less stereotypically "compatible" placements in their synastry charts that any of this is likely to be a big issue.

All in all, Libra and Aquarius are both idealists and humanitarians, open-minded and non-judgmental people who can easily accept others for who they are, no matter how "weird", quirky or non-traditional they may be. They are both fair-minded, objective thinkers and often, very creative, as well, easily able to think outside the box. This means that they feel very much in "their element" when in each other's presence, free to be themselves with one another. As air signs, intellectual freedom and honest discussion is important to the both of them and often, other signs will struggle to keep up. With each other, however, they can share their thoughts and discuss ideas in a very uncensored way, knowing that the other will not get upset or freak out, which in turn, helps each other to feel supported and understood. Even when they do disagree, it is easy for them to understand where the other is coming from, especially since they by and large share many of the same values. They share many of the same interests, as well, such as a love for the arts, culture and socializing. It should be easy for Libra and Aquarius to find things to do together and they will never get bored and run out of things to talk about. All in all, these two signs make an excellent team. Libra makes Aquarius feel supported and understood while Aquarius makes Libra feel free to be themselves and say what's on their mind. Being in each other's presence is like a breath of fresh air.

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