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The Game of Love: Aries & Gemini Synastry Compatibility

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I am starting this series on compatibility between signs because I know it's a subject many people are interested in, but as I wrote in my other article about the synastry between Aries & Taurus placements, astrological compatibility is a tricky subject and there are a couple things I'd like you to keep in mind before you continue reading:

1. Any two signs can get along with the right amount of patience & understanding: this isn't about "whether or not," Aries & Gemini are compatible so much as it is HOW these two signs will interact.

2. When I talk about "signs," I am talking about the archetype as a whole; not just Sun Signs, but Moon, Rising, etc. as well.

3. Everyone has a full natal chart comprised of more than one sign, so if you're an Aries in a relationship with a Gemini, this article won't necessarily reflect the whole picture. If you're interested in a more extensive compatibility report, you can get a synastry reading by clicking here.

4. While this article may seem to focus mostly on romance, most of it can be applied to any other type of relationship, as well.

Compatibility Between Aries & Gemini Placements

Aries and Gemini are sextile, which means they are 60 degrees apart from one another on the zodiacal wheel. They share neither element nor modality but they do share a polarity; they are both "Masculine," or "Yang" signs. This means that while there are some differences, these differences are generally believed to be supportive of one another. In this case, Air (Gemini) feeds the Fire (Aries).

The first thing that comes to mind about an Aries-Gemini couple is that they are a fun match. Both signs are easily bored, often inattentive, and unable to sit still for very long. Always on the lookout for exciting new things, they sometimes get labelled as "players," and "heartbreakers," as a result. This label isn't always reflective of the truth, however, and when together, there will never be a dull moment for Aries or Gemini. While Gemini comes up with ideas for new adventures, Aries has the confidence to actually execute them. Aries enjoys Gemini's way with words and witty sense of humor, while Gemini admires Aries' daring nature. These two may be the type to pull pranks together and share plenty of inside jokes. Both signs tend to be extroverted and proactive with communication as well.

However, while Aries - a cardinal sign ruled by Mars - is all about action, Gemini - a mutable sign ruled by Mercury - is known to get lost in their own minds. Those born under the sign of the Ram tend to be very no-nonsense, viewing the world as either black or white, while Gemini prefers to see the world in shades of grey. An Aries may get impatient with Gemini's tendency to flit about in multiple directions, and dance around the truth of what they really think & feel. They may also find themselves annoyed with their tendency to overthink. Meanwhile, those born under the sign of the Twins are not only more logical in their approach but more free-spirited, as well, and they may, over time, feel stifled or even smothered by Aries' domineering and much-too-passionate nature.

That said, these differences are usually more complimentary than they are conflicting. A scattered and changeable Gemini might even appreciate the direction Aries has to offer, as it helps with making decisions. The enthusiasm and excitement of an Aries can inspire a Gemini and help them get out of their head, as well. Meanwhile, a Gemini can help Aries to open up their mind and see there's more than one side to things. Those born under the sign of the Twins might also help the more impulsive Aries to think before they act.

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