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You Are My Sunshine: Aries & Leo Synastry Compatibility

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This is my sixth article in a series about synastry compatibility; my first about Leo and my third about Aries (click here to read Aries compatibility with Gemini or here to read about their compatibility with Taurus). Before you continue reading, here are a few important things I want you to keep in mind:

1. I do not suggest choosing whether or not to associate with someone based on their sign. Any two signs can get along with patience and understanding, which is why this article is less about "whether or not" Aries and Leo are compatible, and more about how they interact.

2. This article is about all Aries & Leo placements. You can look at it for your Sun Sign but also for Moon, Venus and just about any other placement.

3. Of course, to accurately assess relationship compatibility, you need to look at the whole chart. If interested, you can schedule a synastry reading with me by clicking here.

4. While romantic compatibility may seem to be the main focus, you can apply these principles to virtually any other type of relationship as well.

Compatibility Between Aries & Leo Placements

Aries and Leo are trine which means they are 120 degrees apart from another on the zodiacal wheel. While they don't share a modality, they do share an element. Generally speaking, this means that they "get" each other. Being made up of the same sort of elemental energy means that they're similar in a way that's complimentary. In this case, Aries and Leo are both fire signs, which means they are passionate, enthusiastic, and active. While Aries, as the cardinal sign, initiates things, Leo, the fixed sign, actually carries them through.

Aries and Leo are especially similar because they both share a connection with the Sun, the center of our solar system. While Leo is actually ruled by the Sun, Aries is ruled by Mars, "god of war," but exalted by the Sun. In astrology, the Sun is considered to be the "planet," of ego or self. In a birth chart, it is believed to represent one's core personality or where they shine in life. The connection to the Sun makes them both very confident and expressive signs, but also selfish and myopic at times. Aries and Leo are both signs that tend to be associated with leadership roles.

Of course, "similarity," may not always be a good thing. In fact, I've seen some people theorize that out of all the elements, fire signs have the hardest time getting along with each other because they both need to be the center of attention and they both need to be in charge. This can make their relationship a competitive one, not to mention they both struggle with anger issues, in their own way: Aries has a shorter fuse than Leo does, but they are likely to get over it just as quick, while Leo is more prone to grudges. However, I don't really agree this makes them incompatible. I feel like this is more likely to be the the case if they're "unevolved," or perhaps, if they have less stereotypically "compatible," placements in their natal charts.

Otherwise, I don't think most Aries or Leo placements truly seek to dominate others in a relationship. A weak or overly submissive partner would be boring to them. On the contrary, they crave a partner whose strong enough to hold their own... and if that partner proves themselves to be even stronger than they are, all the more respect they'll have for them! I also think the independent and confident nature these signs share helps them to get along. While other signs may be put off by the sometimes arrogant and haughty nature of Leo or offended by the blunt and argumentative nature of Aries, when Aries and Leo are together, it's more like they've met their match. They're both strong enough to take it... and they may even grow by putting each other in their place. While sure they may argue at times, don't these signs get bored when things are too "easy," anyway?

As said before, fire signs tend to be passionate, enthusiastic & active, and in addition to admiring each other's strength, Aries & Leo often have a lot of fun together. Both have a knack for adventure and humor that is difficult for other signs to match. They feed off each other's energy and excitement, and if they both like each other, they're easily able to give each other the attention they both crave. Being in each other's presence is like being hit by a big ray of sunshine: they easily know how to make each other happy.

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